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A Pure Data Bomb Tear

video: Procedural Explosion – Bomb Factory [Pure Data] by Obiwannabe Pure Data is an open source visual editor for generating sounds that also runs on Linux. At least that’s the perspective I look at it. So much for misleading blog … Continue reading

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Video-record (screen capture) WITH SOUND on Linux using FFmpeg and PulseAudio in 2012

Install Pulseaudio because ALSA won’t record sound from your integrated on-board sound card :( In pavucontrol, show all recording devices and activate the one that reacts when games make sounds, so that Internal Audio is set as fallback (shield icon) … Continue reading

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Record an OpenGL game in Linux using GLC

Get glc. If starting the game in a terminal looks like `agame`, run this: glc-capture agame When you want the recording to start (and to stop), press Shift + F8 Now convert the .glc file. If the game’s audio has … Continue reading

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Record a windowed game in Linux using FFmpeg in three simple steps!

A more recent method can be found here. This is based on this wonderful tutorial. xwininfo Click on the game window and fill in the uppercase info in the next line: ffmpeg -f alsa -ac 2 -i pulse -f x11grab … Continue reading

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