Making horrible/annoying/weird games at game creation jams

It’s super fun!

I did voice acting and retro HTML coding for an “eye-cancerous” abstract point-and-click game

Warning: contains silly.

Warning: contains ads.

Play in pointer-driven web browser: Low Resolution Land: You The Hero!


I had eight hours to do this during September Berlin Mini Jam.

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First commercial game release (Nikki Story Episodes)

We finished the release trailer, decided to release on Saturday (to match a party at which Nikki Story Episodes would be playable) but got advice that it’s more “professional” to release on Monday or Tuesday, so we did that.

Nikki Story Episodes purchase page screenshot 2012-09-20

The Nikki Story Episodes purchase page is so pretty because Humble Indie Bundle created a great design to inspire all other bundles and pay-what-you-want campaigns. Unfortunately we don’t have a timer widget.

The most important mantra: “Yes, it’s not perfect but at least it *is*!” (alt: “Release and live rather than polish and die!”). This is true for 1. the game 2. the purchase page 3. the trailer…

I’m a bit worried that this won’t make enough money for us to continue working on the game but Frictional Games’ review of their last two years gives hope.

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Sexism Double-Defense 101

XKCD sexism reversed (How it works)

“Guys Suck at Math” based on “How it Works” by XKCD (CC-BY-NC)

  1. If you are not offended, it doesn’t mean what was said wasn’t offensive.
  2. You don’t have to be sexist to say sexist phrases.
  3. Saying that you didn’t intend to offend someone does not erase the fact that you did.

Bullets from Feminism 101: Offensive Language and Dismissal of Responsibility.

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Audio: Use FLAC Instead of AIFF and WAVE! Use Vorbis instead of MP3!

Audio File Format Heroes And Fools

Update: I wrote a poem.

FLAC is superior to AIFF and WAVE.

FLAC is a compressed(+), lossless(+), open(+) format.
AIFF and WAVE are uncompressed(-), lossless(+), open(+) formats.

FLAC is also easy to use.

Vorbis is superior to MP3.

Vorbis is a compressed(+), lossy(-), open(+) format.
MP3 is a compressed(+), lossy(-), proprietary(-) format.

See Wikipedia’s comparison of audio formats for more info.

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Iwan’s Free Whoosh Sound Pack

Sword Whoosh! Sound Illustration


mp3 preview at


A high quality set of whoosh sounds for weapons, bullets, time shifts, slow-downs, speed-ups, magic spells and more… For use in personal and commercial projects.

  • 43 single sound files
  • 4.8MB of freshly cut air
  • Lossless WAVE PCM, 44.1kHz




Prove that using these sounds is profitable for you and support Iwan to create more high-quality, high-passion sounds in the long run!


Terms of use

To the extent possible under law, Iwan Gabovitch has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Iwan’s Free Whoosh Sound Pack.


Bonus info

This actually is a set of an old and successful submission to, which I recently tried to submit to Audiojungle but where it got rejected because there already were so many sounds of the same type.

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Women in Planescape: Torment are objectified and hyper-sexualized

Body types and dresses in Planescape: Torment, as well as sections from Planescape: Torment’s “vision statement” document draw a sexist picture.

Characters and Races from Planescape: Torment. All have huge breasts and are wearing bathing suit-like clothing.

Female in-game character and group profiles, copyright 1999 Interplay(?)

“I don‟t wear pants! Now, that’s entertainment.”

“babes,” as in, “TRUCKLOADS OF.”

Tons of Total Babes: This game will have lots of babes that make the player go “wow.” There will be fiendish babes, human babes, angelic babes, asian babes, and even undead babes. These babes will be present without nipple-age and will all regrettably behave within the TSR Code of Ethics.

and more babes

Babes: Think babes. Then think more babes.

No, it’s not equal is an article about sexism in comics and describes problems that PS:T happens to share with them.

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Constant fsck on every boot in Arch Linux with a Seagate 1TB HDD


/dev/sdXn contains a file system with errors, check forced.

every time you boot and fsck never finds an error, then you need to have fsck run at an earlier stage to fix this.

  1. Add “fsck” to /etc/mkinitcpio.conf in accordance with the instructions on Arch Wiki’s mkinitcpio page.
  2. Run “sudo mkinitcpio -p linux”.
  3. Reboot.

It will update the HDD’s status that there are no errors after this fsck run.

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Using OpenGameArt for Game Dev Jams

video: AotCfoS! gameplay

At Berlin Mini Jam July 21th July 2012 (I’m one of the co-organizers, I still have to write that blog post) I helped Christiaan and Aurindam to create Attack of the Cows from outer Space! by “remixing” art from OpenGameArt and making sounds with my mouth.

Thanks to having this basis, the game has art that is on a level I could not have created from scratch and I learned a bit about pixel art from working with another designer’s work.

Some time was spent on writing correct attribution/license info but it’s an important thing to do. Guidelines and discussion on this topic can be seen on a recent Liberated Pixel Cup blog post and a recently-updated FreeGameDevWiki guide.

For a bigger game dev jam that is coming up in Berlin via the Campus Party it was suggested that we could provide “art packs” which sounds like a great idea. I will probably prepare at least one set of artwork with the appropriate license/authorship notices.

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“Placing Invisible Walls” for Game Designers

After the spacial movement rules of a game have been established (walking, crouching, jumping, climbing), players will expect to be able to apply these rules, when the world geometry indicates that possibility.

Invisible walls limit such established rules and discovering to be in your way is a frustrating experience.

Mountains and water often serve as “natural” walls but sometimes invisible walls are inevitable. Be it due to restrictions on time, resource or innovation. There are however three easy ways to reduce the frustration effect:

1. Make energy or magic barriers part of the game fiction

Gothic I Magical Barrier Creation Small - Delay
Image: creation of the big energy barrier in Gothic I. If you come too close to it in-game, you will be pushed and lose health.

Even better when these invisible barriers are kind of visible or are even interactive.

2. Place signs

Gothic I Demo - Warning You Are Leaving Gothic Demo-Ground - Authorized Personnel Only (small)
Image: Sign warning about upcoming invisible wall in the Gothic I demo. The invisible walls described by the signs are unrealted to the barrier and are typical invisible walls.

Yes, it is that easy. Whether serious or funny, signs do help.

3. Be honest. Talk to the player about it.

SuperTuxKart Invisible Walls Hint Mockup
Image: Hypothetical mockup of a in-game hint system display that warns about invisible walls

It is a popular relationship advice and even helps against human spammers. Simly mentioning – using already available “hint” mechanics or in-game characters – that in some places, the laws of logical movement do not apply, will make invisible walls more acceptable.

Do you have any ideas/examples of acceptable use of invisible walls? Comment below!

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Zeus Arena Source Code Download (legal)

Zeus Arena Source not “compatible” with HTC Buzz aka Wildfire

Zeus Arena is an implementation of OpenArena on Android. The binary is being distributed for EUR0.79 on Google Play and the source is available for free.

However, the source is “not compatible” with my device, while the binary is.

For that reason, I would like to share the source code link with you here:

Remember, that all of this is legal under GPL and it’d be great to see more games being created this way, ideally with some more original content though.

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