FLAC Sucks!


FLAC audio format sucks. That’s what some comments on my Freesound.org sounds tell me. I’m a fan though.


It is too bad that software developers and hardware manufacturers still exclude FLAC support, which has advantages over WAV and MP3.

FLAC is smaller than WAV or AIFF and its container format supports metadata by default, which benefits keeping track of authorship and license in large sound collections.

FLAC is lossless, while MP3 always has a loss of quality. Also MP3 does not support rates over 48000. Both is hard to notice but can become very relevant when manipulating the sound file.

I recommend the free, open source Linux/Mac/Windows Audacity software to solve compatibility problems and convert the file.

If you can find the time, please contact the developer of your software/manufacturer of your hardware, informing them of the need for FLAC support to be able to quickly work with the format.


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One Response to FLAC Sucks!

  1. yannanth says:

    A very simplistic view at the problem. 2 years ago most Android devices did not have the hardware resources to decode FLAC comfortably and had long buffering times and annoying interruptions among other things. Most hardware for listening to audio is very underpowered. I wouldn’t hold portable media players or phones especially to be able to play FLAC, considering the fact that the difference between lossless and lossy is barely there when playing a track through headphones or earphones — even the expensive varieties.

    This is a lossless format issue, not a free software issue. Ogg Vorbis for instance is very widely supported.

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