Poem for Free (as in Freedom) Audio File Formats

Propaganda ahead. Proceed with caution.

Audio File Format Heroes And Fools

Audio File Formats can be confusing at first,
I hope to change this, with this tiny verse!

FLAC is lossless, FLAC does compress,
with FLAC support there is no mess!

AIFF and WAV are too heavy to race,
Use FLAC to save lots of server space!

Vorbis is small and its use is free,
AAC and MP3 are tied to a patent tree!

FLAC and Vorbis are the best-sounding kin,
Leave restrictions behind and install a plug-in!

Soundwave of a recording of the poem

I recorded a reading of the poem in FLAC file format.

Poem copyright 2012 Iwan Gabovitch, Licensed under Attribution 3.0

Illustration (GIMP source) copyright 2012 Iwan Gabovitch, Dual-licensed under Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 and GPL 3 or later

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