Using OpenGameArt for Game Dev Jams

video: AotCfoS! gameplay

At Berlin Mini Jam July 21th July 2012 (I’m one of the co-organizers, I still have to write that blog post) I helped Christiaan and Aurindam to create Attack of the Cows from outer Space! by “remixing” art from OpenGameArt and making sounds with my mouth.

Thanks to having this basis, the game has art that is on a level I could not have created from scratch and I learned a bit about pixel art from working with another designer’s work.

Some time was spent on writing correct attribution/license info but it’s an important thing to do. Guidelines and discussion on this topic can be seen on a recent Liberated Pixel Cup blog post and a recently-updated FreeGameDevWiki guide.

For a bigger game dev jam that is coming up in Berlin via the Campus Party it was suggested that we could provide “art packs” which sounds like a great idea. I will probably prepare at least one set of artwork with the appropriate license/authorship notices.

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