Andreas “Sindwiller”‘s GPLv2+/CC-BY-SA3.0 Free Texture Reference Images

Andreas "Sindwiller"'s GPLv2+/CC-BY-SA3.0 Texture References

Preview of Andreas “Sindwiller”‘s GPLv2+/CC-BY-SA3.0 Texture References

I’m still in the process of cleaning up the list of art asset resources on FreeGameDevWiki.

One of the resources is a link to a 665M-heavy archive file of 259 6-Megapixel (2816×2112) photos without a description or preview page whatsoever, so I figured I’d create one.

You can download the archive from and unpack it using 7zip if you still use WinRAR like it’s 1995. 23 more photos can be found in a Picasa gallery. The image above shows all the images.

Copyright 2007 Andreas “Sindwiller” <;
License is CC-BY-SA 3.0 amd/or GPL v2 or later.

Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License GNU GPL v2+

When using these images, you can refer to FGD’s art licensing guide on how to give proper credit.

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