A Pure Data Bomb Tear

video: Procedural Explosion – Bomb Factory [Pure Data] by Obiwannabe

Pure Data is an open source visual editor for generating sounds that also runs on Linux. At least that’s the perspective I look at it. So much for misleading blog post titles.

Yesterday I visited the local Pure Data community pd-berlin, it was a very small but friendly circle.

Today I’m playing around with Obiwannabe’s sound effect generators in Pure Data, as I have often in the past. There are two things I want to finally achieve:

  • Make it run on my 64bit Arch LinuxPulseAudio1 system, as it does my 32bit Arch Linux + ALSA netbook.
  • Record sounds to Wav-files directly in Pure Data.

1 I need PulseAudio to be able to record desktop audio on my HDA Intel sound card.

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