Listen to BerlinJS April 2012 Talks

At BerlinJS in the Co-working space co-up on 2012-04-19, I recorded and uploaded the audio of all the talks for which I got permission to do so:

  • The New Baseline for Front-End Devs (47:20) by Rebecca Murphey @rmurphey
    Download: .mp3 (53.1M) / .ogg (81.1M)
  • Railsgirls Berlin (34:23) by Joan Wolkerstorfer @joanwolk & Katrin K. @_die_katrin
    Download: .mp3 (37.8M) / .ogg (57.3M)
  • hugs.js (07:12) by Jan Lehnardt @janl
    Download: .mp3 (8M) / .ogg (12.2M)
  • Mouse & Finger in Apps (11:22) by Felix Niklas @mrflix
    Download: .mp3 (12.7) / .ogg (19.2)
  • Mobile Useraction Tracking (05:58) by Stefan Zelazny @stefan_der
    Download: .mp3 (7M) / .ogg (11.4M)
  • Local Storage (07:13) by +Misha Reyzlin
    Download: .mp3 (8.3M) / .ogg (15.2M)

Copyright held by respective voice owners.

Notes to self: 1. Don’t put the microphone next to the projector because it breathes. 2. It’s not over when it’s over aka capture ALL the questions and feedback! 3. There should be a better place to share audio talks… find it!

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