Anti-Platformer Joke (“Subverting Expectaions” Jam Game): Jump Your Lazy Ass To The Flag, Yo!

Jump Your Lazy Ass To The Flat, Yo! (jylattfy) is not a platformer game, which I wrote during Berlin Mini Jam March 2012 in HTML5, because I was sure it would not be worth the time spent downloading it (or creating binaries, which I probably would have done using LÖVE otherwise).

It is in fact a drag-and-drop game, which unfortunately does not have physics, because I was taking it slow and aiming low.

You can ‘play’ the game here, in the browser.

I started jylattfy by researching “html5 drag and drop image”, which lead me to this tutorial, in which kinetic.js is used, which has a colorful move-objects-until-they-snap-into-place game/toy tutorial. This was the basis of jylattfy.

I used the Web Audio API library audia by the open source friendly, indie, HTML5 game developers Lost Decade, because I heard about it on their (excellent) podcast about web and android game dev and I trusted that it would be easy to use, as they focus on development efficiency.

The interactive sounds are intended to trick the player into believing that keyboard keys are the key to solving jylattfy. The success sound is to signal that the game is over and a play on Nintendo’s Mario’s trademark “Mamma Mia” phrase.

The tiles’ shading is heavily inspired from Florian’s wonderful artwork in Nikki and the Robots, which I work on.

And yes, the clouds match the bushes (or do they!?).

I shared the code here and the art here. All cc0/public domain.

I learned about og:image, which allows you to set the used link preview image on Facebook (and hopefully other social networks as well). It’s easy:

 <meta property="og:image" content="path/to/image.png" />

And it works, as you can see in this shared item.

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2 Responses to Anti-Platformer Joke (“Subverting Expectaions” Jam Game): Jump Your Lazy Ass To The Flag, Yo!

  1. wilbefast says:

    Haha it appears I am not easily tricked ^_^

    Good job, I’d love to jam some HTML 5 with you sometimes :) I really must visit Germany…

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