Berlin Mini Jam Design: Pasture

BMJ: It was fun! And a board game was made!

I was at the Berlin Mini Game Jam January 2012 yesterday. It was great fun! Come join us next time!

The themes turned out to be “The end is the beginning” and/or “Future” (you could use either or both) and at some point I started thinking of a game about dairy cows’ life cycles.

Letting the player prepare a cow for getting slaughtered

I created weirdly-stylized assets and wrote a game design doc (previews & links to art inside). The ‘game’ is an illustration of a cow in the industry, how it grows, reproduces and dies. Then it starts with it’s calf again.

There’s hardly any interaction planned, just touching/clicking and dragging some sprites around the screen.

During the process of writing this, I learned about artificial insemination and that the civilized way to kill a cow is to shoot to the head it before letting it bleed out.

This is not supposed to be/turn into a work of education or propaganda. I’m not into annoying people. There’s no plan to continue working on this yet.

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