Simple DokuWiki theme style – because the default is kind of ugly

The default look of DokuWiki creates a strong incentive to change it. The following are instructions how to make a new DokuWiki template named ‘quiver’ that has a ‘earthier’ look than the default. It can be easily be changed by using other nice colors.

0. Go to template directory

cd lib/tpl/
1. Copy default template
cp default/ quiver/ -r
 2. Replace color values
  #8cacbb -> #776a57
  #dee7ec -> #bab29b
sed -i ‘s/#8cacbb/#776a57/g’ quiver/style.ini
sed -i ‘s/#dee7ec/#bab29b/g’ quiver/style.ini
3. Select the new template in the configuration manager.


When installing a new version of DokuWiki, simply delete the ‘old’ quiver/ theme and repeat the steps below.

I created this mini-guide while helping lynxlynxlynx of to clean up the GemRB wiki.

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