Cute Robot – Open Game Art Success Story (Part 1?)


Cute Robot: from concept art to rigged model

2011-12-03: OGA-user “Buch” submits cute robot concept art (CC-BY/GPL)

2011-12-24: OGA-user “Quandtum” creates a rigged 3D model based on that concept art (CC-BY-SA)

Hopefully I did modeled the concept well enough to not disappoint Buch.  I unfortunately had little time to do this project, but I really like the concept art at and the work being done there and I was hoping to promote more contributions.  This one seemed easy enough to create while blowing the dust off my rigging knowledge (about a year rusty).

All we need now is an animator. :)

There are already a few robot sounds available on OGA (see video below) and I recently made the amazing discovery of the robot sound libraries (made for real robots!) while looking for sounds to add to Nikki.

Robot sounds from OGA (find download links in description)

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3 Responses to Cute Robot – Open Game Art Success Story (Part 1?)

  1. bramstolk says:

    Thanks for the interesting posting.
    I’m an indie game dev, and did not even know about the site.
    I think it can be a very useful resource.
    And I am one of those developers that tends to go with his own ‘programmer art’.

    • qubodup says:

      Hey, glad you found it useful and nice to read from you.

      The hoverbike game looks pretty much awesome and I love the clean geometrical shapes style :)

      Any open source-ish development going on on your side currently?

      • bramstolk says:

        Unfortunately, no open source dev at the moment.
        Most of my time now goes to my baby girl, with left over time to iOS dev.
        Hopefully in the future again, but I have not touched linux in a long time.

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