I’m a Joyride Laboratorian

About three months ago, I found out about the cute physics platformer Nikki and the Robots via the Linux Game Tome, noticed that the team behind it is located in Berlin, Germany (that’s where I live) and contacted them.

I met Florian and Sönke for malzbier and we talked about stuff and open development marketing. I mentioned John Graham a lot.

About two months ago I joined them and now I take care of marketing and PR.

What else can I tell…

The game is open source code, part-freely-licensed-art. However, the story mode and story mode graphics will be proprietary and for-pay on release. This seems like a conflict with my licensing ethics to me..

My excuse is:

  1. We are likely to open up the game gradually (rather than instantly, as Jason Rohrer does)
  2. The guys have been working for years on the project (the stakes are high)
  3. I know of no 100%-free-as-in-freedom business model that I do not consider ‘extremely risky’

… what else to say? Another time perhaps. Or ask me?

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4 Responses to I’m a Joyride Laboratorian

  1. wilbefast says:

    You see how difficult it can be to free up your source, even if everyone is for it in theory ;)

  2. Linux says:

    Waiting for a AUR Package ;)

  3. DarkBaboon says:

    Congratulations for your new position!

    The logo of your new employer, is it inspired by the logo of that so cute game which you contributed, Pink Pony? Or are you specifically attracted by this animal?

    • qubodup says:

      No relation :) It existed before I joined and they didn’t know of PP then.

      Perhaps I’ll be able to convince my co-laboratorians to make (enhance?) a pony game one day though :)

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