Can’t Connect to wireless network “default”…

D-Link AirPlus G
Asus EeePC 1000H

I stayed at a friend’s for nearly a week. My Asus EeePC 1000H was the only computer in the house that could not connect to the unprotected network called ‘default’ which was running on a D-Link AirPlus G 2.4 GHz Wireless Access Point.

Arch Linux
Wicd NetworkManager

My operating system is Arch Linux and neither Wicd nor NetworkManager nor ifconfig/iwconfig/dhcpcd/dhclient would work. I tried a variety of live operating systems, by putting them on a 2GB SD card or a 8GB SanDisk Sansa Clip.

Pupeee Android-x86 ChromeOS
Ubuntu DSL Haiku PC-BSD Minix

Puppeee 1.0, and Android-x86 2.2 and ChromeOS 0.13.522 r432e92ca could not connect to the network.

Ubuntu 11.04 wouldn’t load from USB key and would reboot the system. (Not enough memory?)

Damn Small Linux 4.4.10 couldn’t identify my wlan card. Or it was me, who didn’t know how DSL named it.

I tried Haiku r1 alpha2 but there was no graphical network manager and ifconfig did not react as described on their page.

PC-BSD 8.2 had a problem in the boot menu: I could not select the “live” feature. Probably the keyboard on the 1000H is USB-driven and the driver wasn’t loaded at that point.

Minix 3 1.9 was running but it appears there is no graphical user interface?

ReactOS IcarosLight Plan9

I also wanted to try ReactOS, IcarosLight and Plan 9 but failed using dd/unetbootin methods and wasn’t able to find ways to get them running from an USB device.

`dd if=IMAGEFILE of=/dev/sdb`, gparted (for reverting dd’s actions) and unetbootin were friends in this adventure.
story (END)

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