Git vs Subversion vs Mercurial vs Bazaar vs CVS vs Darcs vs Fossil

Name Command Count Relative
Git git 2229 48.48%
Subversion svn 1584 34.45%
Mercurial hg 343 7.46%
Bazaar bzr 241 5.24%
CVS cvs 175 3.81%
Darcs darcs 24 0.52%
Fossil fossil 2 0.04%

Git wins.

Obviously, successful Git leads the heard, leaving old monopolist Subversion behind. On the other hand slick Mercurial and underground Bazaar are having by cool shares.

The end

I suppose you deserve an explanation. All I did was count how many¬†packages ending in “-git”, “-svn”, “-hg” etc. exist in Arch Linux’s user repository. What do these numbers mean? I won’t lie: I don’t know.

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