Making of neon-simple fantasy tile characters

I worked with Tobias on a “anti-coop” game design which he started implementing in flash. I did graphics.

First I wanted to just start and opened Inkscape. Then I felt emptiness. “Wizzard”, “Paladin” and “Monster” were the terms.

I learned thanks to FZD School of Design’s video tutorials the importance of inspiration so I turned on alchemy, googled some images (here’s one), turned on some chiptunes and started moving the stylus.



In retrospect, I’m pretty sure that I started looking for inspiration after drawing the one above.



Now. Inkscape.

vector gfx

The result is here on OpenGameArt.

I had trouble with

  1. Inkscape background bug
  2. Exporting parts of an image in Inkscape

Regarding 2.: I put rectangles around the area to be exported, selected them for export and then cropped the result in GIMP because it seemed more efficient than writing an imagemagick script for the handful of images.

I shall try this or that (both recommendations from #inkscape).

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