Game Ideas: image board shooter, Ad-shooter and two old ones

bartbes asked me on #freegamer chat “hey qubodup, king of FOSS games, do you have any simple game ideas I could use?” and I replied “Yay! I do!”

  1. The game idea is a gamification-ed browser of an image board (or image boards in general) where you would shoot the images you want to save and they will be saved into different dirs (depends on what weapon you use).
    It would probably require good http skills to do this (or be able to use bittorrent for this) or have a low download rate.
  2. Another idea is to have a side scrolling shooter where you move with keys and shoot with mouse. the game is in a browser and the enemies are blocks of ads so you have to try and not click the ads just shoot ‘behind’ them and remove the ads this way.
    Problem is that ad-services would probably mind such use. Fake ads could be used (fun-ads?)
  3. I have an idea for a 3d game also. it’s about collecting berries.
  4. Then I have a simple 2d side-scroller idea about a mad professor’s bee but no clue how it can be fun
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