Flattr Exhibitionism

It’s share your Flattr revenue info day!

Just kidding. But I thought maybe somebody might be interested in such data. I think the Free Gamer blog has around 50.000 views per month.

I get the Flattr button below the articles written by me by the way.

So… you too should share your Flattr data!

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5 Responses to Flattr Exhibitionism

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  2. wilbefast says:

    Good job! One of these days I’ll get round to adding a donate button to my own site :-S

  3. maloki says:

    Glad that you like it. Sooner or later we’ll hopefully have more users. But what’s important to you is to let your audience know of the possibility to share, and earn.

  4. Dread Knight says:

    Well, with Freezing Moon we generated about 36 euros with 4 clicks; this month we have 5 clicks, so I *hope* for more, but still waiting for the report xD

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