PARPG progress: look at character selection and dialog system

PARPG menu layout brainstorm PARPG character selection brainstorm
Menu and character selection sketches

I came to the conclusion that the flexible character selection/creation method (as seen in Fallout1/2) is ideally balanced between being friendly to beginner and advanced players. I hope that we will use this in PARPG.

Flexible Character Creation/Selection for PARPG

I also created some layout mockups, based on Q_x’s notebook design:

Character Selection layout mockups based on notebook design
full size

However, it seems to be too early for further (G)UI design. First we need to know what GUI features we need and have access too (using PyChan). So I will help finish this list and then wait for review by coders.

After talking on IRC with two programmers, I started creating an graph of the largest dialog file in the PARPG repository at time of this post:

PARPG Leader dialog partial graph visualization
PARPG leader’s dialog tree/graph (incomplete)
full size

The purpose: testing whether or not a graph/flowchart view/editmode would be useful.

Before I brought the graph to the current state (lots of copy-paste), I was sure it would be impossible to keep track, that it would only slightly ease the creation of simple dialogs and that programming such an editor would be consequently an inefficient use of time (and that time should be spent on a table/tree editor only).

Now that I see the graph, I get the feeling that having it might be useful for debugging dialog files. Making an editor in this design still seems risky though. Perhaps a YAML-to-gv-to-png script would do it?

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