Berry picking game idea and random mirror in the open

I saw a 3D model of a “flying rock” by anonymous on Blendswap, which reminded me of an old game idea of mine. Here is a render of the model:

Here is an image summary of my game idea:

(I put it on dA half a year ago)

The idea:

  1. You walk around (first-person) a limited 3D grassy area and look for berries
  2. You collect the berries
  3. You use berries to solve quests

I used DungeonHack to test-play the concept of searching for berries (mushrooms, as they are in the game).

I’m not sure how long the gameplay I visualized so far can entertain. Also the quest-solving part (for example you could use explosive berries to shoot down that bird that stole your necklace) seems hard to implement or likely to cause repetitive/boring gameplay. I hope I’ll try anyway some day.

This idea is free to use by the way. Like THM are.

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