Picking projects to join and contribute to (as interaction designer & marketing person)

I started attending interaction design and marketing classes in course of Interaction/Game Design at HTW Berlin. I was given the option to join a game development team. All internal teams use UDK, CryEngine or Unity, so I decided to join one of the many open source projects out there.

Here’s a list of projects I contacted (and how and what tasks we discussed):

  1. CubeCreate (IRC: developing editor usability concept)
  2. 0 AD (IRC, forums, IRC: interest in video recording and operating Facebook and Twitter pages)
  3. Megaglest (IRC: main interest in marketing)
  4. PARPG (IRC, forum: I was warned about early game design stage)
  5. Ryzom (IRC, forum, IRC: suggested editor UI design and marketing)
  6. LinWarrior3D (Email: a wide range of interesting tasks)

I attached a short introduction and a link to my portfolio in some applications. For tracking my status I used a spreadsheet.

I will write a Free Gamer post to advertise the open positions I discussed with the project members.

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