The quintessence of my latest game design / production / development reading

Pandas are cute and first designs always suck by Danc

  1. Don’t make games with neutral feel, make them familiar and cute [source #2: Triple Town]
  2. Don’t stick to the first design, iterate and iterate again

Steamirds out for iDevices by Danc

  1. Complex gameplay does not mean complex interface
  2. Hardware is not part of a game – port

Don’t take your time by Leanne C. Taylor

  1. No long intro
  2. Core mechanics need to be introduced ASAP
  3. Don’t start with the (hi)story, let the player discover it while playing

Animation Blending – Inverse Kinematics by Jerry Edsall
I can’t do it. Whenever I try to read it, I get distracted and want to run. Even though it is related to Mechs and even though I love how their legs and body can be rotated individually.

Two indie developers chatting by Charlie

  1. Indies need office hours too!
  2. Some developers scrap, others “make big changes”

So.. what are the readers of this blog reading on game developmen? :)

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