Audio: Use FLAC Instead of AIFF and WAVE! Use Vorbis instead of MP3!

Audio File Format Heroes And Fools

Update: I wrote a poem.

FLAC is superior to AIFF and WAVE.

FLAC is a compressed(+), lossless(+), open(+) format.
AIFF and WAVE are uncompressed(-), lossless(+), open(+) formats.

FLAC is also easy to use.

Vorbis is superior to MP3.

Vorbis is a compressed(+), lossy(-), open(+) format.
MP3 is a compressed(+), lossy(-), proprietary(-) format.

See Wikipedia’s comparison of audio formats for more info.

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7 Responses to Audio: Use FLAC Instead of AIFF and WAVE! Use Vorbis instead of MP3!

  1. tametick says:

    The “problem” with ogg is that many platforms (flash, ios) support mp3 out of the box, so you can use those “for free”, where as ogg would require a 3rd party lib.

    With vm based environment where the low level stuff is implemented natively (e.g. flash, java, python) you want to use as much built-in functionality as you can and avoid implementing cpu-intensive tasks in the higher level language.

    Other than that I agree :)

  2. tametick says:

    Also forgot to mention that if you use html5 some browsers don’t support ogg in the audio api but support mp3.

    • wilbefast says:

      My html5 game used OGG music. I think it’s just IE that has problems if I remember correctly, an IE seems to have problems with everything. I made the decision early on that I wasn’t going to support it: other browsers are free and superior in pretty much every way, so people have no excuse for using it :P

  3. wilbefast says:

    I use OGG for music, though I must admit I do use WAVE for sound effects most of the time. SDL seems to load .wav files without making as much fuss as other formats, but I’ll see if I can’t get it working with FLAC :)

  4. tametick says:

    Safari doesn’t support it either, and chrome support is partial. Only firefox & opera really support it well, and in the case of the latter only fairly recent versions of opera.

  5. DillPill says:

    Most platforms support .mov and .AIFF and .wav. I cant seem to be able to open Flac. Is there any way to convert it to another kind

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